Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Birthday Quote

"One of the trickiest things about life is that, at times, it happens so slowly.
Yet... if... it... happened... any... faster... you'd... already... have... everything... you... ever... wanted... without... learning... to... enjoy... the... ride."

Thanks Catherine

Birthday Wishes From My Friend

Friday, August 14, 2009

Nothing to Say, But Something to Look At

I like to take pictures of architecture when I on vacation. I'm not the kind of person who takes pictures of people. I'll even wait for people to move away to get a picture of something. This is a picture of some beautiful chimney stacks in Luxenbourg. We were there on Spring Break in 2008. What craftsmanship!!

I'm working in the studio, trying to fill my orders from the BMAC, so nothing to write today. xo

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Girls....The ETSY Metal Clay Team

Another post about the Philadelphia Buyers Market. Five of us jumped into being exhibitors at the BMAC (that's the formal name). Lis-el Crowley, Janice Donner, Lori Magno, Christine Street and myself. We are from Connnecticut, Boston, California and Maryland. Little did we know of each other prior to getting to Philadelphia and even more so, little conversation, only email, but boy how well we meshed. We worked together, shared a suite, eat together and helped each other like we had been pals for a long time.

Thank you girls, it was great!! I love you all.
(Look at these great posters Lori did for us)!

The Beginning

Well my first step! A baby step, but a step!
Just got back from the Philadelphia Buyers Market Show. Wow, what an experience. Lots of orders (for a first timer). I met some incredible artists......Beth Taylor from A Quirk of Art, from Pennsylvania. She has amazing found (or is it "reclaimed" now) object art jewelry. Total fell in love with her art. Ashleigh George of Michigan (but originally from Africa), she is the sweetest. (Her husband does safaris, isn't that the neatest job) We connected because although our work is completely different, we do some of the same....hearts, words, etc. in our jewelry. Also had the opportunity to talk to Tavia Brown from Tavia Metal, she had a lovely display. All the artists I had to opportunity to talk to were amazing and more than willing to share their experiences.

I also met a very handsome couple who own a couple galleries and a restaurant, Diane and Madis Sulg, of Maddi's Gallery, who just happened to win the 2009 Niche Top Retailers award and also will be carrying some of my art jewelry. They are located in North Carolina near Lake Norman. So HUGH congratulations to them!

The other galleries who pick me up at the show are 'A Thousand Faces' in Nashville, 'Enchantment' in New Jersey and 'This Little Gallery' in Pennsylvania. I look forward to serving these communities.